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What is SAP Web Dynpro Component?

Web Dynpro component is an entity used to create a Dynpro utility. Those are reusable entities, which might be combined collectively to create application blocks.

Every web Dynpro component contains a window, view, and controller pages. You can additionally embed a web Dynpro factor to different web Dynpro element in an application and communication takes place using the component interface.

A lifetime of an aspect begins while you name it first at runtime and ends with web Dynpro application.


Every web Dynpro application contains at least one view and it is used to define the layout of a user interface. Every view consists of multiple user elements and a controller and context.

The controller is used to the system the user request and processing of records. Context includes information to which the elements of view are certain.


Each view also contains an inbound and outbound plug so you can connect views to each other. Plugs can be linked to each other using navigation links.

Navigation Links and Plug In

You can navigate between dissimilar views using inbound and outbound plugs. The inbound and outbound plugs are part of the view controller. The inbound plug defines the starting point of view while the outbound plug tells the subsequent view to be called.

View Set

A view set is described as a predefined phase wherein you can embed special views in a web Dynpro application. View set allows you to display more than one view in a display.

Following are a few benefits of view set in designing an application −

  • You could reuse views in a web Dynpro window.
  • You may without difficulty make modifications to the format at a later stage.
  • It is a greater dependent technique to use a couple of view.

Web Dynpro Window

In web Dynpro, the window is for more than one views or view sets. A view can best be displayed when it is embedded in a view and a window continually contains one or extra views connected by means of navigation links.

Each window incorporates an inbound and an outbound plug and they can be included in a navigation chain. Inbound plugs within a window lead from the outbound plug of a view to the embedding window. Similar to all other inbound plugs, they constitute an occasion and thus call the event handler assigned to them.



Controllers are used to describe how a Dynpro application replies to user interactions. Each view has one controller which is responsible to perform actions as per the user’s interaction.

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