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What is Configuration & Integration?

Once you install ABAP application server, it is necessary to configure it properly for application development.
To find the details about ABAP configuration, you can go to SAP Reference IMG → SAP NetWeaver → Application Server.

If you are using SAP Solman, you can check this configuration by going to T-Code − SOLAR_LIBRARY.

To use Web Dynpro with ABAP application development, you have to make additional configuration for web Dynpro programming.

Internet Communication Manager

You need to set HTTP/HTTPS in ICM service. A service contains following different components −

  • Service/Port
  • Protocol used in service HTTP/HTTPS
  • Processing timeout
  • Keep alive timeout
  • Service status − Active/inactive

You can choose Go To → Service to create, delete, activate or deactivate services. To display the ICM server cache statistics, choose Goto → Statistics.

Internet Communication Framework

You must activate the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service. You can activate this service by going to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → SAP NetWeaver → Application Server → Internet Communication Framework → Activate HTTP service.

When you install Application server ABAP, all ICF services are in inactive state. You can maintain ICF services using T-code − SICF under ICF tree.

You can activate ICF service in the following ways −

  • Using the menu option, Service/Host → Activate
  • Using the context menu and choosing Activate Service.



Layout Editor in View Designer

You should activate all the services in SICF for Web Dynpro ABAP to use the layout editor in the view designer.

Single Sign On

You should set SSO on the relevant host.


One should use completely qualified domain names FQDN and short forms should be avoided.

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