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What are the key components of SAP TAO 2.0?

  1. Process Flow Analyzer
  2. Inspect
  3. Consolidate
  4. Import / Export
  5. Change Analyzer
  6. Repository

Process Flow Analyzer

PFA records user interactions and screen sequences and stores in SAP TAO Repository. It automates the creation test components and draft test cases and uploads them to Quality Center It automatically creates spreadsheet with recorded values

Process flow analyser


Inspect enables you to add transaction codes to the list.

SAP TAO will return all the screens associated with a particular transaction. You can choose any screen and click on Inspect option.


Consolidate enables you to collect multiple test components into one test.


You need to find the test in Quality Center from QC tree and click on Consolidate. Select the Transaction code you want to consolidate and click Add to Consolidate list at the bottom to create a test scenario.

Import and Export

Import and Export is used to import and export data from and to Quality Center.

You need to select the components to be imported and exported and click on the required button.

Change Analyzer

Change analyser is used to analyse the impact of the changes in SAP system. When you make any change to a SAP system, it identifies the affected business processes.

To use Change Analyzer, select the specific project and click the change impact analysis option. It will allow you to review and repair the impacted components in the SAP system because of this change.

Change analyser


Repository is used to store information about all the test components and flow in a project. To review information about any test component and to check the process flow, you can click Component Explorer or PFA Explorer.


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