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What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the process of manually testing the software to find out the defects. In this type of testing, the tester plays the role of an end-user and tests the software to identify bugs or any unexpected behavior. Unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing are the different stages of a manual testing. Manual tester uses various test plans, test cases or test scenarios to ensure the completeness of testing. It is also known asexploratory testing because the testers explore the software to identify errors in it manually.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the process where the tester writes the scripts and uses software tools to test the product. The tester makes use of automation testing softwares to identify the bugs or any unexpected behavior. This process involves the automation of a manual process. Automation testing includes re-running the test-cases multiple times that were performed manually. Itis also used to test the application from load, performance, and stress purpose. It is used to increase the coverage of test. Automation testing improves the accuracy and saves time and money in comparison to manual testing.

What are the popular Software Testing Tools used for automation testing?

  • HP Quick Test Professional (QTP)
  • Selenium
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • SilkTest
  • TestComplete
  • Testing Anywhere
  • WinRunner
  • LaodRunner
  • Visual Studio Test Professional

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