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What is SRM Supplier Self-Service component?

Supplier self-service component is used to lessen the procurement life cycle and minimize the costs incurred in the procurement process. In SUS, suppliers are offered with purchaser’s procurement system as they get fast response.
Part of the integration process,SUS is installed separately and configured to work with SAP ERP or the SAP SRM system. Connecting with SAP ERP, the user can collaborate on POs containing service item hierarchies.
Various types of functions are available in SUS to perform basic functions with regard to procurement process and documents in processing. The key functions include −


This option displays a document flow list which includes all documents related to the particular procurement document and along with their statuses.


This option is used to download any type of document in CSV or XML formats.


This option is used to print the document in CSV, XML or PDF format.


This option is used to hold invoices, credit memos, and confirmations locally and edit them later.


This option is used to copy an invoice.

Supplier Self-service - Other Functions

You can also find some other functions like Update, Refresh used to handle procurement process efficiently.
To open SUS portal, go to Order Collaboration → Supplier Services.
order_collaboration (1)
On the left side, you have the navigation menu
Click on the New button to view new Purchase Orders. You can also find all new Purchase Orders which are not processed.
Click on document number to view the details of the Purchase Order. To maintain confirmation, click on the Process button.
In SRM, a vendor can accept all the items or can reject all items. Click on the tick or the cross button to accept or reject a single item.
  • To save the confirmation, click on the Save button and to send the notification, click on the send button.
  • Once you receive the confirmation you can accept or reject the confirmation if any difference occurs.
  • In case the confirmation is rejected then the supplier can submit a new confirmation.
  • In case the confirmation is accepted the next step is to confirm the shipping notification. Go to Create ASN on home page.


Enter the details sold to party, ship to address and click on goods delivered to recipients to transfer them to the Purchase Order.

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