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How to upgrade a project in SAP?

SAP Solution Manager offers an access to all functions required to perform an upgrade. You can perform standard methodology to plan and execute an SAP upgrade project with SAP Upgrade Roadmap in Solman. Here you can find different predefined templates in Solution Manager to manage the upgrade project end-to-end. SAP customers can understand and manage the major technical risks and challenges in a better way when you are upgrading the project.
You need to implement a new upgrade project under Project Administration while you are upgrading a project in SAP. Here are some important phases in an Upgrade project −

How to creating an Upgrade Project?

Initially go to Project Administration Work Center to create an upgrade project. For this select Project type as Upgrade project then define the scope of the project. Here you can use an existing project as a base project to copy.

How to evaluate System Landscape?

To evaluate current business processes and existing system Landscape is done for project upgrade. For this multiple applications can be installed on current System Landscape like SAP CRM, SAP SCM, etc. Analyze the current functions if dependency analysis of upgrades and use of other tools can be available.

Planning Phase

Planning phase is meant to be defining blueprints and Roadmap of the upgrade project. You canenhance the project structure for the business processes with Business Blueprint. Here differentiate the business scenarios and business processes and assign different transactions, functions to the structure items.


In Testing phase, updated business processes and scenarios are tested.

Transferring Business Processes to Production

This step involves transferring the business processes and scenarios to customer specific location like Solution Directory. Here total business processes are monitored under operations.


Reporting phase involves creating phase wise reports for full upgrade project.

Implementation/Upgrade Work Center

Below screenshot displays the Implementation/Upgrade Work Center.
You have the following work areas under this work center −
  • Overview − The Overview tab introduces to the structured diagram of your project status. You can navigate to My Projects, which shows the project to which you are assigned. The All Projects option shows a list of all the authorized projects you can view.
  • Projects – Here you can find a list of all projects as per the project type, status, etc. When you select any of the project, you can check the header details and blueprint locks in the project.
  • Evaluate – Here get accessed to SAP Standard Scenarios, Business maps, and business functions.
  • Plan – Here you can create and edit projects, display Roadmaps, and specify Business Blueprints.
  • Build – Get accessed to Technical Configuration, customizing distributions, BC sets, and manage learning materials.
    • Going Live Preparation − The following links can be accessed in this work area
    • Solution Directory − To transfer an upgrade project to solution.
    • SAP GoingLive − This is used to check production start.
    • SAP EarlyWatch Alert − This is used for production processing and to monitor the solution in SAP Solution Manager. Report can be displayed as an HTML document or a word document.This can be used to identify and avoid key potential problems in the system.
  • Report − This work area is used to run the reports for project phases and key activities.

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