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What is the use of form graphics in SAP smart forms?

This chapter will give you detailed description about the use of Form Graphics in SAP Smart Forms. We will also discuss Previewing Graphics, Importing Graphics and Transporting Graphics.

SAP Smart Forms – Preview Graphics

Different graphics can be added in a smart form like the Company Logo, Background Graphics, etc. Graphic node can be used to display graphics in a smart form and by adding node type graphics in the tree structure.

To view the graphics in a SAP System, use Transaction SE78. This will open the Administering Form Graphics dialog box. On the left side, double click on the folder Store on the Document Server → Graphics → BMAP Bitmap Image.

Select the Graphic and click on the Screen Information.


When you click on the Screen information button, it will display the technical attributes and the administrative data of the graphic in a SAP System.


SAP Smart Forms – Importing Graphics

To include background graphics, you can use the Background Graphic node of a page node. You can use Transaction SE78 to import the graphics into the SAP System.

To import graphics, double-click on a graphic format in the tree structure in the folder Store on the Document server → GRAPHICS → General graphics.

To import, select Graphics → Import.


To use the graphics in a Form Builder, go to navigation tree on the left side and create a node type → Graphic.

A graphic node can be created directly under the Page node or you can use the context menu in a layout to place the graphic node.


Enter the unique name for the node and description.

On the General Attribute tab → you can include a colored graphic or a graphic in black and white. You can enter the fields Object, ID and Name to identify the graphic.


Resolution can be defined under the Technical Attributes based on the printer settings. When you use a small resolution, it will increase the size of graphic on the form.

Printer drivers or printers support below resolutions

  • 75 dpi
  • 100 dpi
  • 150 dpi
  • 200 dpi
  • 300 dpi
  • 600 dpi

SAP Smart Forms – Transporting Graphics

In a SAP System, it is possible to transport the graphics from one system to another system. Go to Transaction SE78 and select the Transport option to move the graphics from one system to another.

Transaction: SE78 will open the Administering Form Graphics.


This will open the Administering Form Graphics and select the desired graphics in the tree.


Select Graphics → Transport button and then you should enter the workbench request.


You can use an existing request or create a new request to perform the Transport and then click on Continue.


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