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What are SAP Simple Logistics Procurement Types?

Procurement Type is what tells us the material that is being used can be procured either externally or in-house which menas a purchase order or planned order should be created. Material type decides the procurement type completely.

In case of both external and in-house procurement support the types, the material requirement planning comes up with in-house production only.

Depending on the procurement type, the master data settings and MRP parameters, the receipts are scheduled which are planned orders or purchase orders. The overloading restrictions are left out of determining, procurement elements are defined by procurement types.

In order to define how a procurement should happen a special Procurement Type is used. Under consumption based planning, the transfer of special procurement type stock at plant level from plant to plant can be determined.

In general, MRP is done at plant level. Plant’s MRP run can be done by excluding the storage location stock. Below particular procurement types can be defined using the storage location MRP −

  • Production in an alternative plant
  • Stock transfer from an alternative plant
  • External procurement
  • Consignment


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