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What is SAP Simple Logistics - MRP Procedures?

In this section we will learn about MRP procedure. Here, MRP type is defined in material master which decides the material planning. By considering present and future sales figures, exact requirement quantities, the MRP is decided.

Below are the available MRP types −

  • Manual reorder point planning
  • Automatic reorder point planning
  • Forecast-based planning
  • Material requirements planning considering the future consumptions.
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Consumption-based planning is what makes the plan according to the consumption values from the past and uses that information for predicting the future requirements or creating procedures for triggering procurement in case of getting into a situation where the stock becomes less.

In general, high value A parts are taken for MRP material and the delivery and quantity are the interested areas. For less critical low values parts B and C, we will consider Consumption based planning.

Manual reorder point planning involves very less admin related activity for performing this planning. It is the generic consumption based planning. A manually entered reorder point is set and checking will happen the stock has gone below this point. At this point, procurement is triggered by the system to perform for a fixed lot size.

Consumption based planning supports below MRP Procedures −

  • Reorder Point Planning
  • Forecast-Based Planning
  • Time-Phased Planning

In order to carry out MRP, Go to Logistics → then to Materials Management → then Material Requirements Planning → MRP.


Master Production Scheduling Procedure

Under MRP, we have Master Production Scheduling component for flagging the materials that seriously disturbed the organization profits and considers very critical resources. Similar to MRP, MPS is executed.

The Planning stability is increased and storage cost is reduced with MPS. MRP components along with some other components are needed to work with MPS component.

Single Item, Single Level Planning

Only a single material is planned under Single Item, Single Level planning and BOM is not exploded such that the level under the material is planned accordingly.

For doing single item, single level planning go to MRP run and under Planning → Single Item Single Level Planning.


Above image is what it opens. Next window, give the material number along with plant or planning area for which single-item planning should be carried out.

For running the plan give the MRP Control parameters.


We can save the parameters that are set in first screen, go to Setting option at the top → Save.


For the material selected, the single item single level planning is done. If before saving the results they are viewed, we can later do the changes before saving to the database.


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