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What is SAP Simple Logistics Deployment Types?

There are several deployment methods like Cloud, Hybrid Solution and On Premise provided by SAP S/4 HANA. When cloud deployment system is used to deploy S/4 HANA system, same mechanisms are used in replicating data like to on-premise installations - SLT. In order to use SLT for using data replication, SLT portions must be there on both Cloud and On-premise.

For this, the cloud instance should be connected with the Non-SAP reporting and analytics and additional SAP Simple Finance or partner products else they must be installed along with cloud.


On-Premise Solution

Here, all the operations related to purchasing software, hardware are done by customer only. Even the operations like deploying, implementing and maintaining are also done. On-premise comes into picture when any software extensions need to be handled.

Cloud Solution

Here, the cloud solution provides both software and hardware but it is rented to customer. Whoever provides the cloud service will hold responsible for doing any activity like extensions, updates and implementations etc.

Hybrid Solution

As the name suggests, its mixture of both solutions. Client On-premise server handles some part of the software and the client provider supports additional solution. Both cloud and on-premise environments should be integrated for good services.

Types of Users in SAP S/4 HANA

In order to meet business requirements, there are several user types in S/4 HANA systems. Below are the three basic user types −

  • Occasional – Very basic and simple easy to use kind of applications.
  • Expert – The system is owned effectively by the SAP user and also uses different systems and UIs.
  • Developer – Developers will be working on the applications and are held responsible for its extensions and adaptation. They can access multiple UI and applications.

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