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What is Execute Discrete Production?

For carrying out discrete production execution, first we have to login to SAP Fiori Launchpad of S/4 HANA Enterprise Management system.


Give the credentials and press the Log on button.

Under Material & Production Planning group, select app Monitor Material Coverage.


In the process of manufacturing, initial thing is to convert the Planned Order to a Production Order. Now, pick a planned order to view its order information on the PldOrd screen.

Here on the PldOrd screen, by choosing Change Order the planned order can be converted to production order partially and select the quantity → OK.

Release the Production Order

Now, we have to release the production order. Search for SAP Fiori app → Release Production Orders.


Make sure the below fields are maintained in Fiori App −

List: Order Headers


On Selection tab −

  • Material
  • Production Plant
  • Order Type
  • Syst. Status


Now, click on the Mass Processing – Select Release tab in the Function Parameters area. And select Release control order: Order release.

mass_processing (1)

We have to select the order we have to convert under Mass Processing - Order Headers list. There will be a small black triangle which opens menu collective processing and select Execute (F8).


You will get the order status, note down it. Now choose the Display Production Order application in the Manufacturing group.


Now give in the production order number and press ENTER.


You can check the production order status. Below are possible statuses: REL PRC MACM SETC


After checking the status, now we have to perform material staging for those production orders. This is done by posting the goods assigned to its components. Open the Post Goods Movement in the Materials Management & Inventory Management group.


Select the below items and give the details for it and and select Enter.

  • First top-left frames − Goods Issue, Order
  • Order − production order number

Click on all the OK indicators mostly three assemblies and to verify the document is okay, click check to confirm.


Now after filling all the details click the Post button which is at the top to finally post Goods Issue for the Production Order. System generates a material document number, make note of it.

Now open up the Confirm Production Order Operation in the Manufacturing group.


Next screen, Time Ticket for Production Order screen, give in the below details and confirm with Enter.

  • Order − Your production order number
  • Operation

Give the below info −

  • Confirm. Type: Final confirmation
  • Yield: The full order quantity of your order


Choose Save to confirm the operation.


In order to check whether the posting is performed or not, open the app Monitor Stock / Requirements List in the group Manufacturing.


Make sure you give the below details and choose Enter.

  • Material
  • Plant

You wont find any production order now. The stock will be built up instead.


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