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What is SAP SimpleCreate an Asset?

We will see how an asset is created in SAP Simple Finance under Asset Accounting. Going by definition, an asset in accounting is a tangible/intangible resource which adds a value to and made part of financial statement.

Step 1 – First step is to go to Accounting → then to Financial Accounting → then Fixed Assets → and Asset → and Create → Asset or use Transaction code AS01.

as01 (1)

Step 2 – Give the details like Asset Class and Company code in next window, press ENTER.


Step 3 – Based on the value of Company Code, many Asset class types can be selected.


Step 4 – Give the Description of the asset in General tab and go to Time Dependent tab to give Cost Center details.



Step 5 – Now move to Deprec. Areas tab and give the UseLife value.

click_deprec (1)

Step 6 – Once it is done, click on the Save button and asset is created in system.


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