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You can configure and customize the SAP system to meet the specific requirements of your organization. The Sales and Distribution module has been developed with several business processes and various industries in mind. Some of these processes may not be relevant to your business. On the other hand, there could be some specific requirements that you will need to map in SAP through configuration. During configuration, you can carry out various settings that control the process setup, such as the following:

Activating or deactivating a certain process for your organization

  • Configuring the look and feel of a transaction screen for a user
  • Controlling which fields on the screen can be accessed, changed, or displayed
  • Setting up a smooth flow of data from one document to another to ensure
  • consistency and avoid the duplication of manual effort

You can access the Customizing menu in SAP using the following path: SAP Easy Access Menu Tools CustomizingIMGExecute Project (transaction code SPRO).This transaction code leads you to the Display IMG screen. You will find a menu with the various applications listed. It is called SAP Customizing Implementation Guide (or IMG for short). All the customization related steps will be launched from this menu. If you click any application, you will find another menu that leads you to various submodules. Based on the exact path listed in the book, you can reach the specific transaction in the menu where the customization setting is to be carried out.

Customization menu

Customization menu
In this book, we also refer to the Display IMG screen as the Customizing menu or just IMG while explaining menu paths.
The focus of this book is the Sales and Distribution application. However, to complete the configuration steps, we will also touch upon some of the other topics, listed in IMG, under the nodes:

  • Enterprise Structure
  • Logistics – General
  • Logistics Execution

In this book, we cover all the important settings that an SD expert should know. However, in an integrated system, a business process usually spans more than one application. You will need to work with experts in other areas (such as MM, FI/CO, WM, and so on) to complete the end-to-end process setup.

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