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In SAP, you can maintain various sales-related geographical locations of your organization as sales offices. You can set up a sales office in SAP to represent a branch office or even a sales territory.

You can reach the required customization screen for defining a sales office by using transaction code OVX1 or by following menu path IMGEnterprise Structure DefinitionSales And DistributionMaintain Sales Office. Once you are at the customization screen, click the New Entries button to open the New Entries screen,.

New Entries screen for defining sales offices

New Entries screen for defining sales offices

The fields on the New Entries screen are as follows:

Sales Office

Here you enter a four-character numeric or alphanumeric identifier key for your sales office.


Here you enter a meaningful description for your sales office. The description can be a maximum of 20 characters long.

Address button

Here you enter the communication address for your sales office. To enter an address for a sales office, select the required sales office, and click the Address buttonon the sales office customization screen.Define your own sales office by entering the previous three entries. various sales offices set up for Galaxy Musical Instruments.the Edit Address screen that you will use to maintain the office address for the sales office.Once you have defined a sales office, the next step is to assign the sales office to a sales area. You can reach the customization screen to assign a sales office to a sales area by using transaction code OVXMN or by following menu path IMG Enterprise StructureAssignmentSales And DistributionAssign Sales Office to Sales Area. Once you reach the assignment screen, click the New Entries button, and enter the assignments between your sales offices and sales area. an example of assignments for Galaxy Musical Instruments.

Edit Address screen for entering sales office data

Edit Address screen for entering sales office data

Assignment of sales office to sales area

Assignment of sales office to sales area

case study—galax ymusicalins trum ent sconfigur ation analysis: sales office

Galaxy Musical Instruments uses the following naming conventionto name itssales offices inSAP: the first character stands forthecountry(United States), the second characterstandsfor the region (E for the eastern region, and so on), and thethird andfourthcharacters comprise a sequentialnumber. Therefore, itstwo branchsales offices in the United States are named as US01 for Aust in (TX) and UE01 for New Jersey (NJ), and the corporate head office is namedUW01 for LosAngeles(C A). In Mexico, Galaxy has onlyone office, MN01 for Baja California (northern region). Internetsales are handled centrally from the head office in Los Angeles, whereas the salesthrough reseller mode are performed from all the branch offices and also from the head office. Galaxy decided to maintain this relationship in SAP using the sales office to sales area assignment procedure.

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