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What is SAP Scripts word processing?

You can create your own texts by using different editors, as per your requirement. Use different editors to create your own texts like Microsoft Word editor, line editor, or PC editor as per the system configuration and platform. All these SAP text editors are useful for word processing and edit texts. These editors are useful for printing form and for creating documents.

PC Editor

PC editor is downward and compatible editor to create and edit text. You can use any text that has been created with Line editor.

If line editor doesn’t available then install Microsoft editor or you can switch to PC editor also. If MS Word editor is not installed, you can switch between PC editor and Line editor. While, word Processing uses PC editor which is equal to the common method of creating a word document in word processing.
Below mentioned functions can be used for word processing in PC editor −
  • You can directly allocate paragraphs and texts.
  • You can cut/paste the text directly.
  • Using PC editor, you can perform integrated error check to validate the syntax.
  • You can use special text structure and display of character format like bold font, different font sizes, etc.
Each PC editor is called in each application of SAP system which is by default. To open Line editor, click Go to → Change Editor.

Line Editor

To create and edit text to print standard forms like standard letters Line editor is used. You can also create documents like sales order, invoice etc. for printing.
If you Microsoft editor installed, then you can switch to PC editor when line editor is not available. Incase if MS Word editor is not installed, you can use either PC editor or Line editor. When you create any text in PC editor, the system changes the format and style, and displays the text accordingly.
To switch to any other editor from Line editor, Go to → Change Editor.

Microsoft Word Editor

Use Microsoft word editor to create and edit text to print standard forms like standard letters or creating documents like sales order, invoice, etc. for printing. This editor is only available for Windows 200x and Windows XP.
Microsoft Word editor is available in all the languages that are supported by SAP in a Unicode system. However, word editor is available only for Hebrew when you use Line editor.
MS word editor can be used to open text that are created in other editor and provide downward compatibility.
You can select the language for MS Word editor, go to Start → Control Panel → Regional and Language Options → Keyboard and Language.
word editor
You can also use languages which are not included in SAP system and you need to activate these languages in MS Office language options.
Go to Programs → Microsoft Office → Microsoft Office Tools → Microsoft Office → Language Settings.
microsoft office
Select the language that you want to add. You can select any language from the list and click the Add button.
select language
To switch to any other editor, Go to → Change Editor.
Setting Microsoft Word as Editor for SAPscript
Install Microsoft Office 2000 or the newer version in your system to set MS Word as editor. It should be installed and activated. You can also use MS Word as editor for both Unicode and non-Unicode system. You should set the security level as medium and you should install all add-ins and accept the templates.
Step 1 − To define the security level, go to Tools → Macros → Security.
Step 2 − To enable Microsoft Editor in your system, call Transaction i18N
Step 3 − Go to i18N customizing option, and select Microsoft Word Editor.
ms word editor
Step 4 − If i18N customizing is not available in your system, you can select the program RSCPINST in Transaction SE38 to set MS Word as editor.
Step 5 − Call Transaction SE38 and enter the program in the following screen.
Step 6 − Enter the program name and Press F8 to move to the new screen. Click on Go to → Set MS Word as Editor as shown in the following screenshot.
setms word

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