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What is SAP scripts grouping text?

Grouping text riots in SAP Scripts is used to manage the texts in a better way and also facilitates control of internal processes in scripting. Usually text includes text objects and text ID’s.

Text Object

Text object is connected with the objects in other business application and defines contextual relation. In the other context text objects are also used to specify different processing parameters. A text module is saved based on the object that if a text module should be directly written to the text database or not.
Text objects and their respective attributes in SAP Script are defined in the TTXOB table.

Text ID

Text ID is a grouping attribute which is useful to differentiate between texts of an object. Generally Text IDs are used to mark different texts describing the same text object. As we discussed Text IDs and their attributes must be produced in the TTXID table.
You need to have multiple texts which are identified by Text IDs to define several characteristics of an object.
Use subordinate text ID Transaction code SE75 to manage application-specific form texts, applications to define their own text objects.
To create Text objects and Text Ids for application, select the Radio button and click change.
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