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How to create a document in SAP system?

To create and change a document manually in your SAP system when your SAP system doesn’t call the editor. You should have below path to create a document −
Tools → SAP Script → Standard Text or call Transaction SO10
call Transaction SO10
You have to enter the following details to create a document −

Text name

Text name represents the name of the document. You can use letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters for the name. Make sure that there is no special characters like * are not allowed.
text name

Text ID

Text ID meant to be the application to which the document belongs. Standard texts are documents that are not specific to any SAP application, or system texts and SAP applications use their own text IDs for application-specific documents.


Language displays the language under which your document should be stored in the system.
Here, you can set various options in a document which is nothing but a Word document. To define the properties of a document, go to options.
properties of a document

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