SAP R/3 Interview Questions & Answers

SAP R/3 Interview Questions

Want to become a professional in SAP R/3? Looking for a career in SAPR/3? Then go through Wisdom jobs interview questions to search for your dream job. SAP R/3 is a 3 tier client server architecture consisting of 3 layers Presentation, Application, Database where R signifies Real-time system and 3 represents - 3-tier architecture. Most of the organizations in today’s world run on SAP R/3 system. About 75% of the organizations implemented this software. Many SAP R/3 jobs are available across cities including Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad, in various positions like Accounts Executive, Accounts Officer, Store Executive, Accountant, Store Officer, Logistics Executive, Process Specialist, Manager etc. Visit our SAP R/3 job interview questions and answers page for frequently asked questions in the SAP R/3 job interview.

SAP R/3 Interview Questions And Answers

SAP R/3 Interview Questions

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