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How to create inspection methods in SAP QM?

SAP qm inspection methods are used do the inspection. An inspection method can be performed by assigning to master inspection characteristics or directly to an inspectioncharacteristics in an inspection plan.
Initially one inspection method can be created in one plant and the same method will be implemented in other plants.
Creating an Inspection Method
You need to use T-Code: QS31 to create an Inspection method.
Step 1 – Below mentioned image shows you how to run the T-code for creating an Inspection method.
Step 2 – Now,enter the details in the next screen.
  • Enter status as Released.
  • Enter the short text of the inspection method and search field for searching for inspection methods.


Step 3 − Then, click the save button to save the entered details.
Step 4 − In next window, enter the following details −
  • Enter Plant Code.
  • Enter inspection method to be created.
  • Enter the valid from the date that determines the inspection method valid date.


Press ENTER to go to the next screen.

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