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What are Network types in SAP PS?

An order type which has different order categories like Production order, network order is defined as Network type.

Different business transactions like CO01 / CO11N, IW31, KO01, OPSC are represented by these orders and are defined by order categories. For specific applications all the order types are relevant.

To record the information for controlling and managing networks, a network type is used in SAP PS system. A work order which has a structure in common with production, maintenance and inspection order is defined as network.

When a network is defined it should be defined along with the network type maintained.

Network type in SAP PS is used to determine:

  • Order category
  • CO Partner update

How to maintain a Network type in SAP PS?

The following are the steps to maintain a Network type in SAP PS:

Step 1 − Use T-Code: OPSC or go to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Structures → Operative structure → Network → Setting for Network → Maintain Network Type.


Step 2 − In the next screen, click New Entries to create a network type.

OPSC New Entries

Step 3 – Provide the following required information in the next screen:

  • Order Type − Enter unique id that identifies the order type in SAP system
  • Control Indicator − to select classification and to copy data to Controlling
    • Residence Time 1
    • Residence Time 2
  • Functional Area − To create Profit and Loss account in FI
  • Settlement profile and other fields as shown below.


Step 4 – Provide the details and save the details.

Save Data

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