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How special characters are defined in SAP PS?

The special characters define the way in which the project is coded for editing and these special characters can be defined in the project.

Different parameters are defined for:

  • Editing the project number.
  • Length of key for project coding and an indicator to specify if a project should have this length or it can be shorter.
  • Structure length to specify length must be equal to no of characters.
  • Entry tool field for fast entry of WBS element.
  • Special character helps WBS number to be separated with special charterers.

Automatic Number assignment – The symbol which is desired to assign to the project object and WBS automatically can be updated.

The special characters are defined by using T-Code: OPSK

Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Structure → Operative Structure → work breakdown structure → Project coding mask → Define special characters for project.


Step 2 − On special characters overview screen, the following details are provided:

  • PL − Project Length
  • SL − Structure Length
  • Entry Tool − To fast enter WBS element
  • Special Character − WBS to be separated with special characters
  • EDIT − To create project with coding rules
  • ANO − To assign symbol automatically to project

Special Characters

Note – Some of the special characters like − *, +, ? and % are used for specific functions in the system and hence are recommended to avoid using in SAP.

Step 3 – The configurations are saved by selecting the Save button.

Save Configuration

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