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How Currency Data is managed in SAP PS?

The currency dependent data in SAP Project system is managed by following different currencies.

Controlling Area Currency

In this currency type, the work breakdown structure (WBS), networks, activities and other orders are defined in one controlling area. The currency in the project system is uniform as same controlling area is used.

Object currency

In Project System, any object currency can be assigned to different objects in the system.

  • WBS element

  • Project definition
  • Network header
  • Network activity

Note – If the company code which contains multiple currencies is assigned to a controlling area cannot be allocated to object currency because of the multiple currencies, in SAP PS, in which cases the local currency of the company code is automatically taken by the system.

Transaction currency

In this case, the costs and revenues from different business transactions are recorded as per currency of the business transaction.


For instance, the currency of PO in which it is raised in the system is considered. In PS system, each amount is recorded in the database in all three currencies and the currency translation rate is used in the PS implementation.

Note – Information system is used to view the reports in any currency where the values in the report are translated by the Project System in accordance with the conversion values.

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