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What is SAP PP Goods Issue?

In SAP PP, goods problem takes region when the raw material is consumed to provide material as according to production order. when goods are issued, the system decreases the inventory of additives on the storage place in the production planning system.

Movement type 261 is used for goods problem.

To carry out goods problem, use T-code: MB1A or go to Logistics → production → production control → goods movement → goods problem

Enter the following information −

  • Movement kind 261 for goods problem
  • Plant and storage region

If you want to print, choose the checkbox for print.

Click the to order…button at the top of the screen as shown in the following screenshot –

SAP PP - Goods Issue

Enter the following details −

  • Order no. and click Adopt Details.
  • Input materials in the Material column
  • Required quantities for each material in the Quantity column
  • Unit of measure KG in UnE column
  • Respective storage location in the column SLoc

SAP PP - Goods Issue

Click on the Adapt button. You will see the following info. Click on the save icon to store the information. You will get a confirmation that the record has been posted.

SAP PP - Goods Issue

Information “Document 56754500001” posted.

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