SAP PI Tutorial

SAP PI Tutorial

What is SAP PI Tutorial?

SAP Process Combination is a part of the SAP Net Weaver stage. It is called SAP Net Weaver Interchange Infrastructure XI in Net Weaver 7.0 ehp2 and older versions. SAP Net Weaver Procedure Combination is a part of the Net Weaver software section and is used for exchange of material in company's internal system or with exterior events. This tutorial will walk you through the different features of SAP PI.


This tutorial is considered for all those readers who are willing to learn combination work with SAP Process Integration in simple and easy steps. Readers who wish to refresh their PI information can also draw benefits from this tutorial.


The course is intended for learners with little or no understanding of SAP PI. But you need to have a prelim in basic understanding of SAP Basics to make the most of this tutorial.

SAP PI Tutorial: List of Topics

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