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How SAP lumira works with excel files?

Excel file can be used for creating data set in SAP Lumira.

Follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to File → New (Create a data set).


Step 2 − Select a Source − Load an Excel worksheet as a dataset and click the Next icon at the bottom.


Step 3 − Browse the path of .xls file. There is an option to choose the first row as column names. Column can be hidden from .xls by selecting the Select All option.

Step 4 − Click the Advance option to select a custom range. Hidden rows and columns can be hidden. Once correct options are selected, click the create button at the bottom.


Step 5 − All the data with integer values appear under Measures and all the columns appear under Dimensions. This data will come under the Prepare tab.


Step 6 − Go to the Visualize tab at the top to create the visualization on top of the data set.


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