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What are the features of SAP Lumira?

SAP Lumira is a visual intelligence tool used for creating and visualizing stories on dataset. Previously SAP Lumira was known as Visual Intelligence tool where data can be visualized and stories can be created to provide graphical details of the data.

In Lumira, data is entered as a data set to apply filters, hierarchies, calculated columns to build documents on Lumira. Various charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, etc. can be chosen to visualize the data effectively.


Multiple charts can be put on a story page to create presentation and can add images and text fields in these pages.

These stories can be published to other platforms using publish option in the application

  • SAP Business Object BI Platform
  • SAP Business Object Explorer
  • SAP Lumira Server
  • SAP Community Network(SCN)

Features of Lumira

Key features of Lumira are as follows

  • Lumira helps in predicting future outcomes and forecasting based on the changing market situations.
  • Data visualizations and stories can be created from multiple data sources.
  • Lumira allows adapting data to organizational needs for creating stories with visualizations.
  • Visualizations can be shared on different platforms like SAP HANA, BO Explorer, Business Objects BI Platform, etc.

Key Terms of SAP Lumira Data Set

Data is entered in Lumira as dataset and it contains Attributes/Dimensions and Measures.

  • Measure − Measures are defined as numerical data types. Example − Quantity sold, Revenue, Unit Price, Average cost, etc.
  • Attributes/Dimensions − Data containing details about the measures is called Attributes or Dimensions in dataset. This represents the object on which analysis is done. Example − Customer, Product, Order, Time, Region, etc.
  • Hierarchies − Hierarchies are used for drilling the data to sub levels and define a parent-child relationship. Example − Time Hierarchy, Region hierarchy.
  • Custom Calculations − Custom calculations can be created in Lumira data Visualization, which are not available in data set or at database level. Example – there is a "Salary" column in the data set, a new calculated column with name "Bonus" can be added and a calculation on Salary can be applied to get the value of this column.


SAP Lumira – User Interface

Once you login to Lumira Data visualization tool, you will see four tabs at the top


Prepare is used for importing data set in SAP Lumira. Data is cleared and converted into appropriate measures or attributes for the reports. New custom calculations can be added here.


Visualize tab is used for adding graphs and charts on the data that has been imported and organized in Prepare tab. Different attributes and measures can be added to the Label axis.



Compose tab is used for creating stories and presentations, including background colors, titles, pictures, and text.


Share tab is used for publishing your visualizations to different platforms or with different set of users in the BI Repository.

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