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How to edit data in SAP lumira?

Click on the options tab in front of each object and select the Edit option you want to perform.


Filtering Data in Columns and Charts

To filter a value in the Prepare tab, you can click the Options tab in front of any object.

Step 1 − Go to Filter.


Step 2 − In the filter option, select keep only or Exclude values for a particular value.


Step 3 − Here, only one value is selected and based on the value selected, visualization under the Visualize tab will change.


Step 4 − Once filter is applied, it will come in filter panel in the Prepare tab.


Step 5 − It can be removed by clicking the x button in front of the filter. In a similar way, filter can be applied on a chart in Visualize tab.

Step 6 − Click Add filter and select a dimension or a measure to add a filter to the chart. (keep only or Exclude values option while applying filters in a chart).


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