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How to download SAP Lumira from SAP HANA?

SAP Lumira – Offline option will help in copying the data locally, editing and manipulating the data to visualize in the charts.

Step 1 − Go to File → New

Add new Dataset window will be opened. On the right pane, most recently used HANA Views, in Lumira data set will be displayed.


Step 2 − user should know the details of HANA system i.e. Host Name, Port Number, User Name and Password. Click Connect.


Note − You can connect via SSO. Select the Authenticate by Operating System (SSO) check box and click Connect.

Step 3 − Select a SAP HANA View and Click Next.


Step 4 − Select Measures and Dimensions you wish to add to the data set and click Create.


The data will be added to the Prepare tab in SAP Lumira for visualization.

Specifying values for SAP HANA variables and input parameters

If you have used input variables while creating HANA Modeling Views that will be imported to Lumira data set, you can specify a constant value for user parameter or a range of values.

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