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How to connect to SAP HANA Views in SAP Lumira?

Connecting to SAP HANA Modeling Views in SAP Lumira can be done in below two ways

  • Connect to SAP HANA
  • Download from SAP HANA

Connect to SAP HANA

Step 1 − Go to File → New


Step 2 − It will display all the HANA Modeling Views which have been recently used. Click the Next command button after selecting the option "Connect to SAP HANA". This will help you in accessing the data in read mode and you can visualize the data in the form of charts.

You should know the details of HANA system i.e. Host Name, Port Number, User Name and Password.

Step 3 − Click the Connect button.


Step 4 − Select a SAP HANA view and then Click Next.


Step 5 − Select Measures and Dimensions you want to add to the data set and click the Create option.


Step 6 − data will be added to the Prepare tab.

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