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How Security is defined in SAP IDT?

When the universe is published into the repository the SAP IDT defines the security of the Universe. The universe folder contains all the published universes and the connection folder contains all the connections. Repository resources can be used to access a universe or a connection in the repository.

Security Universe

Security policy on Universe, connections is applied on users and groups created in CMC. In Information Design tool, security policy can be defined using Security editor. Security profiles in IDT can be created and these profiles are assigned to users and groups.

The security profiles can be defined in two types by SAP IDT. They are:

  • Data Security Profile − In data security profile, the security policy is applied on Data Foundation objects and connections.
  • Business Security Profile − This include objects in Business layer on which the security profile is applied.

What is Security Editor in SAP IDT?

By using either Universe or users/groups, the security Editor can be viewed. Select the tab in the Security Editor pane to display the view desired to work with.

The Universes/Profiles tab lets to do tasks by first selecting a universe in the repository. The Users/Groups tab lets to do tasks by first selecting a user or group.

There are three icons in the Users/Groups panel that allows to display users and groups in different ways −

  • Show Users
  • Show Groups
  • Show Hierarchies

Security Editor

How to Open Security Editor in IDT?

In information design tool toolbar, click the Security Editor icon.

Open Security Editor

Enter the session details to open in the security editor. If not logged into the session, then provide the required information to log in.

The Security Editor opens in a new tab.

Security Editor Tab

How to insert and edit Data Security Profiles in SAP IDT?

Go to Universes/Profiles pane in the Security editor. To insert a new profile, right-click on Universe → Insert Data Security profile.

Insert Data Security

A new window appears data security profile setting can be defined in different tabs. Once the settings are defined, click OK.

The changes of the security settings are saved in the repository by clicking on the save icon in the main toolbar.

Change Security Checkings

Once all the settings are defined, click OK.

To save the changes to the security settings in the repository, click the save icon in the main toolbar. All Data Security profile settings are applied to Universes created on Data Foundation using Relation connection.

Defines Replacement Connections
Defines replacement query timeout and size limits
Defines replacement query options
Defines an SQL WHERE clause to restrict rows returned in the query
Defines replacement tables

The Data Security Profile Priority can be changed even when more than one Data Security profile is defined.

Data Security Profile

In the new window, change the Security profile priority. The up/down arrows can be used to change the priority of security profiles.

To save the changes in the repository, click the save icon in the main toolbar.

Change Security Profile Priority

How to insert and edit a Business Security Profile in SAP IDT?

Select a Universe in Universe/Profile pane under the Security Editor. To insert a new Business Security Profile → Right-click → Insert Business Security profile.

Insert Business Security Profile

The security in each tab of the Business Security profile can be defined. The settings can be reset to default by using the reset option. Once the setting is defined, click OK to close the window and Save icon at the top to save the profile.

Create Query
Defines the universe views and business layer objects available to the user in the query panel
Note− Create Query settings secure metadata only.
Display Data
Grants or denies access to the data retrieved by objects in the business layer when the user runs a query.
Defines filters using objects in the business layer.

Define Business Security Profile

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