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You can use General Maintenance to maintain infotypes if you want to select object types directly during editing. The advantage of General Maintenance is that you can maintain infotypes for object types that do not belong to Organizational Management.

You can work with qualifications and appraisals (Personnel Development), or events, resources and event types (Training and Event Management), for example.

You can flag the object types and infotypes per object type, that are not to be edited using General Maintenance, in Customizing. Make the necessary settings in the step Maintain Infotypes (Infotype per Object Type), choose Basic Settings _ Data ModelEnhancement _ Infotype Maintenance.

Note that you can not maintain infotypes for a particular object if the ‘existence infotype’ 1000 (Object) has not been flagged as maintainable.

To access General Maintenance, choose Human Resources _ Organizational Management _ Expert Mode _ General.

Creating, editing, displaying and deleting infotypes as well as changing the status of objects using General Maintenance is the same as for the basic object types in OrganizationalManagement.

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