SAP HANA Reporting View - SAP HANA

What is SAP HANA Reporting View?

We know that with the use of statistics modeling function in SAP HANA, we will create unique data views attribute views, Analytic views, Calculation views. Those views can be consumed through different reporting tools like SAP business object, SAP Lumira, layout Studio, workplace analysis and even third party tool like MS Excel.

These reporting equipment allow enterprise Managers, Analysts, Sales Managers and senior control personnel to analyze the historic information to create business scenarios and to decide business strategy of the company.

This generates the need for consuming HANA Modeling views by special reporting tools and to generate reports and dashboards, which might be smooth to recognize for end users.


In maximum of the enterprises, where SAP is applied, reporting on HANA is done with BI platforms tools that consume both SQL and MDX queries with help of Relational and OLAP connections. There is wide variety of BI tools like − Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Dashboard, Explorer, Office Analysis and many more.

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