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How to display the changes made to the field in SAP FI?

The changes made to a master record are logged by the system and the change documents are generated. The information like the time of the change, name of the user and the contents of the previous fields for each field are stored.

For the following fields, the changes can be displayed:

  • A certain field
  • A master record

For the vendor master records, the changes that are displayed are:

  • Overwritten field contents
  • Any bank details and/or dunning areas entered after the master record was created
  • Any bank details and/or dunning areas that have been deleted

Using the change documents, all the changes that are made and when they were made can be identified.

How to display changes in Vendor master records?

Go to Accounting → Financial Accounting → Accounts Payable → Master Records → Display Changes.

Display Changes Vendor Records

Enter the Vendor Account number and the Company code and press Enter.

Company Code Press Enter

In the new window, the changed field is selected and click on All Changes.

Select Change Field
Select Change Fields

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