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What are the different reports generated in SAP FI Account Receivables?

Several types of reports can be generated with respect to Account Receivable in SAP FI. Some of the common reports with their T-Codes for generating reports are:

  • Bill Holdings (Bill of Exchange Receivable List with ALV facility): S-ALR_87009987
  • Customer Balances in Local Currency: S_ALR_87012172
  • Customer Line Items: S_ALR_87012197
  • Due Dates Analysis for Open Items: S_ALR_87012168
  • List of Customer Open Items: S_ALR_87012173
  • Customer Evaluation with Open Item Sorted List: S_ALR_87012176
  • Customer Payment History: S_ALR_87012177
  • Customer Open Item Analysis (Overdue Items Balance): S_ALR_87012178
  • List of Customer Cleared Line Items: S_ALR_87012198
  • List of Down Payments open at key date: S_ALR_87012199
  • Debit & Credit Notes Register u2013 Monthly: S_ALR_87012287
  • Customer-wise Sales: S_ALR_87012186

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