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How Internal Orders are settled?

The Internal orders are used for planning, monitoring, and controlling the processes. On completion of the job the costs of one or more receivers is settled like cost centers, fixed assets etc.

How to perform settlement of IO to Cost Centers in SAP CO?

The T-code: KO02 is used or Go to Accounting → Controlling → Internal Orders → Master Data → Special Functions → Change.

Settlement Special Function

A new window will open. Enter the Order number for which settlement is to be done.

Settlement Order Number

Click the Settlement rule button at the top −

Settlement Rule

Provide the following required details:

  • In Category column, enter 'CTR' for the cost center.
  • In Settlement receiver Column, enter the Cost Center in which the Order is to be settled.
  • Enter the percentage amount which is to be settled.
  • In Settlement type, enter 'PER' for periodic settlement.

Settlement Rule Overview

Provide the details and save the details for saving the settlement rule and return to the main screen.

Enter the T-code KO88 and provide the following details −

  • Order for which the settlement rule is maintained.
  • Period for settlement.
  • Fiscal Year.
  • Uncheck the Test Run.
  • Click on the Execute Button to run the settlement.

Settlement Order

A new window will open with a Settlement display message and for completing the process click on Continue button.

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