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What is SAP EWM Labor Management?

labor management helps you to lower down the cost by means of making appropriate use of resources in dealing with warehouse activities. labor management tool may be used to record and measure worker’s productiveness and you may also visualize reports in warehouse cockpit primarily based on key figures. using labor management, you may additionally examine productiveness of the warehouse employees.

In LM (labor management), you need to input the master facts processor which represents the warehouse employee and is defined as a business role Processor.

right here are some vital factors inside the master data Processor −

  • process Steps
  • rate
  • role in a group, etc.

you can test the statistics associated with the Processor in a Warehouse display tab in the EWM device. when you prompt labor control in EWM, you may locate extra nodes in the monitor Tab → labor management.


Labor Utilization

This includes the following features −

  • Executed Workload
  • Indirect Labor Task
  • Planned Workload


Labor Time in Labor Management

You can track three types of time in Labor management.

  • Direct Labor − This includes the time to perform warehouse activities like picking, packing, put away, etc.
  • Indirect Labor − This includes extra activities to manage warehouse like Sweeping, cleaning, housekeeping etc.
  • Unproductive Time − Breaks, etc.

Note − Visualization feature in Labor management tool is used for BI reporting.

How to Create a Processor Business Partner?

To create a processor business partner, you can follow the subsequent path.

Navigate to EWM → Master Data → Resource Management → Processor → Create Processor.


Go to Identification tab and enter the Personal data.


In the LM attribute tab, enter the warehouse # and supply chain unit. In the Warehouse assignment tab, select warehouse# line and then click on Create external step.


Enter the external steps as required. You can click on Insert row to add multiple rows. Click on the save button and note down the processor number.

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