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What is Dashboards – WorkSpace?

Dashboards – WorkSpace chapter discusses about different types of tools and buttons available in SAP Dashboards.
Below mentioned image depicts the most commonly used browsers available in the Dashboard designer −
  • Component Browser
  • Object Browser
  • Query Browser
  • Canvas
  • Embedded Spreadsheets
  • Properties Panel
Almost five toolbars that you can use when working with models. These are −
  • Standard
  • Theme
  • Export
  • Format
  • Start Page.

Standard Tool Bar

It includes a button to complete the general tasks.

Theme Tool Bar

It includes a button to work for the themes.

Export Toolbar

It includes a button to export your model to different formats.

Format Toolbar

It includes multiple buttons to adjust component on the canvas.

Start Page Toolbar

It includes one button that is used to toggle the start page. You can use shortcuts to create new files or to open existing files.

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