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What are selector components in SAP Dashboards?

A Selector component is used to select different options at run time. You can configure the item’s row, value, position and label into an embedded spreadsheet with a selector. You can add selectors from the Component browser in the Dashboard designer.

Types of Selectors

You can choose a selector from the available sectors in the Selector Component. Some of them are as follows.

According Menu

This is used to select a category and then select items from that category. It is called as the two-type of a selector.

Check Box

Here you can assign a checked or unchecked box as it is called as the two way box. You can pass specific values to be checked or unchecked states or can bind the value to each state to use in the spreadsheet.

Combo Box

Combo box is used to support the user to select an item from the drop down list of the items when it is clicked.


The Filter component is sort out the range of cells with multiple fields of data and categorizes them as multiple set of filter criteria. A User can select different information in each filter list.
There are many other selectors that you can use in the data models.

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