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What is properties panel in Dashboards?

SAP Properties Panel is useful to setup and format options for the selected component. You can access the following method to place a component on the Canvas.
To make it double, click the components that you have added to the Canvas or you can right click → Properties as shown in the following screenshot.
You can access the Properties panel for each component but the options are different under each Properties differ as per the component.

Types of Tabs in the Properties Pane

Below mentioned tabs are available in the Properties pane and each tab contains sub − tabs to set more properties.


General tab is used to set the basic configuration properties of the component like Subtitle, source, category and value axis, etc.


Insertion tab is used to create charts and hierarchical tables. This tab is also useful to configure charts as selectors so that clicking a chart adds more detailed information into the embedded spreadsheet.


Behavior tab is used to set the behavior of a component in the model–limits, Blank cell, visibility, etc.


Appearance tab is used to set the appearance of the component. You can select text font, color, font size, legends, etc.


Alerts tab is used to set notifications for data values, if values are acceptable or require attention. To use this tab, click the check box as shown in the following screenshot.
You can set Alert Thresholds, enable auto color, etc.

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