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What is object browser in Dashboards?

Here an object Browser offers with list of all the available components to include in your model. Object Browser is useful to add and change these components and to lock or hide the components in the canvas.
You can select a component in the Object Browser, by clicking the component name then it will be active on the canvas. You can use CTRL key to select multiple components.

Renaming and Hiding the Components

If you want to rename a component ,which was added to the canvas in Object Browser. To rename a component , Click on the component that you want to rename. The name is highlighted and the cursor is in the text box. Now enter the name of the component and press ENTER.
If you want to hide them to avoid further interaction in the Object Browser, then do the following −

Locking the Components

Lock option is used to lock the components and groups in the Canvas so that they can’t be used in the model.
To lock all the components or group, you can click on the lock icon.

Setting up the Canvas Background

Dashboard allows to edit the color of the canvas background and can add grid to help you arrange items on the Canvas. To make this adjust the size of the canvas to get more space to work. You can set the canvas background as solid or gradient background.
If you select None under the Canvas properties it will set a transparent background.If you can’t see the Canvas property pane, open a model. You can set the following value for type −

Solid A Single solid color
Gradient Two colors that fade together from top to bottom
Image A JPG or SWF file. Select the file to import as the background
None A transparent background

Background Color

Select solid or gradient type from the background color box to set the colors to be used in the background.
You can select a single color and or Gradient background select Background color 1 and Background color 2.
If you want to add an image then select type as Image, Use import option to add an image from your local computer. Select a background in your data model that may matches with your company logo or any other image represents objective of the model.

Display Grid on Canvas with Components

You can also line items along with gridlines. You can use grid manually to position each component.
Go to File → Preferences
On the left side, select Grid and you can choose from the following options −
Show Grid Select to display a grid on the canvas.
Snap To Grid Select to have components automatically align to the nearest gridlines.
Width Specify the spacing between grid columns in pixels.
Height Specify the spacing between grid rows in pixwls.

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