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What are container components?

The container component is used to create multilayer models. You can hold one or more components with a canvas container within the main canvas. A panel container is used to add, move, delete or change components.

Types of Containers

Some of the containers from the available containers are as follows −

Panel Container

A panel container is used to hold components in smaller canvases within the main canvas. This is used to add, delete, move or change components in a panel container.
To see the list of components in a panel container, go to Object Browser → Expand.

Tab Set

A Tab Set component performs as a smaller canvas within the main canvas and contains more than 2 tabs. Click on the corresponding tab to display the view.
Note − In case you delete a container or a tab set, all the components in a container or tab set are also deleted.

Container Properties

Like a Canvas, you can set different properties for a container −
Container General Properties – Here add general properties of a Container such as − Title, etc.

Container Behavior Properties – This is used to set behavior properties of the container such as the Scroll bar options, Dynamic visibility, etc.


Container Appearance Properties – This is used to define Appearance for the container elements like Text and Color properties.


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