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What are Chart Components in Dashboards?

To perform comparisons, value analysis, and trend summary of data from data source use charts in data model. You can use different charts available in data model for multiple purposes. Below mentioned screenshots explains what all options are there in the charts folder.
This chapter will discuss about different types of charts are available in SAP Dashboards.

Area Chart

Area Chart is a standard chart with a horizontal and vertical axis.


Line Chart

A Line Chart is useful to display the periodical changes in certain period of time. It should be used for continuous data like stock revenues.

Bar and Column Chart

Bar and Column charts are used to perform comparison analysis among one or more items over a specific period of time. Both charts are same except their orientation.

Combination Chart

Combination charts of combination of column and line chart where the line chart shows the trend line for values.

Bubble Chart

To compare a group or series of item Bubble chart is used. On Z axis you represent the item size.

Bullet Chart

To show a single primary measure on a vertical or a horizontal bar, bullet chart is used.

Pie Chart

Pie chart is used to represent the participation of each item of a certain total value in a circular format. The Pie Chart is suitable for models like total revenue by the product line.
There are quite a few different types of charts that can be used, some of which are as follows −
  • Radar Chart
  • Sparkline
  • Water Fall Chart
  • XV Chart

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