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What is Query Filters And Filter Conditions?

Following are the types of query filters that may be used in Crystal reviews −

  • Predefined filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Prompts

Predefine Filters

These are built in filters in query panel created through the administrator. Predefined filters are created on the Universe level and are directly used within the report from the Universe. Drag an object on that you need to apply filter to query filter out pane and drag predefined filters too. when you run the query information w.r.t question filter out can be again in the file.

Custom Filters

These filters are created with the queries in the question panel. custom filters are created inside the query panel below the query clear out tab. Drag the item to the question filter pane and make use of various relational operator to pass the clear out condition. you can placed a consistent value or a list of values in the query filter.


They are used to show a question or list of values and are called dynamic filters.

Filter Condition

Consistent choice allows you to go into a single value in filter.

List of values allow you to choose one cost from all of the to be had values for an object.

Prompt is used to pass dynamic value to a question filter.


Option & Description



Type a value into the text box



In the Prompt(s) dialog box, add members to your list by double-clicking them, or by selecting them in theMemberspane and clicking the arrow in the center




In theEdit Promptdialog box, selectNew Promptto add a new prompt, orUse Universe Parametersto select a parameter from your universe

If you selected aNew Prompt, enter prompt options, or if you selectedUse Universe Parameters, select a parameter


Query Filters & Filter Conditions

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