Technical Aspects of Field Applications - SAP CRM

Lesson Overview

This lesson explains technical aspects of SAP CRM Field Applications.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the technical aspects of SAP CRM Field Applications.

Business Example

Administration Console: Site for Mobile Client

Administration Console: Site for Mobile Client

You use the Administration Console for the administration of sites and mobile users as well as for the administration and customizing of data distribution. Within the administration console you have to create one site per mobile client. Depending on the business processes you assign subscriptions to the site. You can assign employees and organizations to simplify the maintenance. When saving your site definition, a Site ID, an inbound and an outbound queue is created automatically.

SAP Mobile Application Studio

SAP Mobile Application Studio

The Mobile Application Studio (MAS) is an object-oriented, visual development tool that is tailored to the architecture of SAP mobile client applications. It allows you to customize mobile client applications, delivered by SAP, according to your specific business requirements, or develop your own applications.

Mobile Application Studio (MAS) must be installed on all Mobile Development Workstations (MDWs) where application developers customize, test and generate mobile client applications.

MAS is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and provides a set of visual modelling tools to facilitate application development as well as a code generator to generate source code from the application meta-data which is stored in the Mobile Application Repository (MAR).

The MAS together with the Mobile Application Repository (MAR) handles multi-user development and provides proper change management for development objects. Multi language translations for labels and captions are handled Software logistics, based on the standard R/3 transport system in conjunction with the CRM Middleware, exist for application meta -data as well as for generated runtime files (→ upgrades).

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