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This lesson describes the concept and usage of Service Contracts and Service Plans.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the concept and usage of Service Contracts and Service Plans.

Business Example

Service Contracts and Warranty Entitlements

Service Contracts and Warranty Entitlements

Service contracts are long-term agreements between companies and customers. A service contract guarantees customer specific services within specific tolerance limits of given parameters, such as within a specified time period. The guaranteed services are represented as service products (such as maintenance, hotline), which are defined in the individual contract items. They can be of type Value or Quantity. Processing service orders relating to the service contract at item level is controlled by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). SLAs are monitored by actions.

Objects that have a service entitlement are contained in the object list. The list can contain products, individual objects, installed bases, or installed base components. Valid service contracts are checked automatically when service and repair orders are processed.

CRM Billing is used to bill a service contract. A billing request is generated from contract items according to a billing plan.

Analysis of the adherence to the SLA:

  • Determining the level of adherence to the fulfillment deadlines defined in the SLAs
  • Overview of delayed and punctual services
  • Monitoring the adherence to deadlines for services and data provision for quality analysis in service organizations

A service contract quotation can be a preceding document to a service contract.

Service Plan

Service Plan

Definition of a Service Plan:

  • Functional enhancement to the service contract. In the service plan, services and follow-up transactions that are to be carried out regularly are entered, and service intervals and planned dates are calculated and monitored.
  • Using scheduling based on time intervals or counter readings, the service plan creates maintenance call objects such as a service order or a quotation.
  • To model a service plan in the service contract, create a service plan item at item level.

Usage of a Service Plan:

  • You can use a service plan to plan and organize periodic services that should be provided regularly at certain intervals (for example, regular maintenance or providing quotations).
  • Service plans help you to save costs incurred by unforeseen losses, improve your service planning and the transparency of these services, and plan resources such as personnel or material more efficiently.

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