Mobile Sales for Handhelds - SAP CRM

Lesson Overview

This lesson introduces the functions of the Mobile Sales for Handhelds field application of SAP CRM.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce the functions of the Mobile Sales for Handhelds field application of SAP CRM.

Business Example

Mobile Sales for Handhelds

Mobile Sales for Handhelds

Mobile Sales for Handhelds - Functional Overview

Mobile Sales for Handhelds - Functional Overview

Account Management allows viewing/updating/creating Business Partners and Contact relationships. Other Account-related functionalities include:

  • Account Factsheets – non-updatable information that can be any kind of BP-related master and transactional data. Configured in CRM.
  • BP Order History and Activity History
  • Marketing Attributes – view and maintain

Sales Order Management allows viewing/creating Sales Orders. ATP check requires connectivity to check whether requested quantities are available.

Promotions can be viewed here. Products can be added via:

  • Browsing – browse the product list on handheld
  • Searching – text search
  • Fast Entry – entry via product ID
  • Bar Code scanning

The product prices brought to the handheld do not take into account any pricing conditions (BP specific, tax, etc...) Only the CRM master data list price is downloaded and used for calculations of Sales Order total.

Opportunity Management – view/create/update. No associated products.
Activity Management – viewing/updating/creating. Execute customer surveys associated to individual activities. Calendar and list views.
Complaint/ Service Order – can only create and upload to CRM.

Mobile Sales for Handhelds - Technology

Mobile Sales for Handhelds - Technology

The Mobile Sales for Handhelds application runs on mobile devices that are supported by the SAP Mobile Engine. The SAP Mobile Engine is the central platform for SAP Mobile Business applications.

Describes the functions of the Mobile Sales for Handhelds field application of SAP CRM..The SAP Mobile Engine is installed locally on a mobile device. It includes a Web server, a database layer, and its own business management logic.

Field representatives can work offline and do not have to depend on a network connection to run impending business applications. The SAP Mobile Engine offers tools for synchronization and data replication so that the data on the mobile device is consistent with the data in the back-end system.

SAP Mobile Engine is based on the following open industry standards:

  • Java
  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

SAP Mobile Engine is also equipped with a Java virtual machine and offers an open programming model with which mobile applications can be developed.

This open system architecture makes the platform independent of both the mobile devices and the network and supports mobile devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), laptops, and Smart Phones.

SAP Mobile Engine can run on both a standard browser and on a user interface that is not based on a browser.

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