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This lesson describes the functions of the Mobile Sales and Mobile Service field applications of SAP CRM.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the functions of the Mobile Sales and Mobile Service field applications of SAP CRM.

Business Example

Case Study: SAP CRM Field Applications

Case Study: SAP CRM Field Applications

The service employee checks the calendar on the laptop and revises customer data and the service order. The service employee then completes the repair, and confirms time and material used. Appointments can also be entered to inform the resource planner about the service employee's availability.

Mobile Clients for Mobile Sales and Mobile Service

Mobile Clients for Mobile Sales and Mobile Service

Field applications enable sales representatives and service technicians who work in the field to use marketing, sales, and service functions of SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) in an offline environment. To manage customer relationships successfully, companies that have employees working in the field must make sure that their employees have up-to-date and complete information about the customers they visit. In turn, new information gathered by employees in the field must be made available to other employees who interact with the customer. Field applications provide a range of functions and integration capabilities to meet these needs.

Mobile Client User Interface

Mobile Client User Interface

Mobile Sales with SAP CRM: Overview

Mobile Sales with SAP CRM: Overview

Account and Contact Management with Mobile Sales:

Account and Contact Management provides companies with a complete overview of their customers and interested parties. It helps to obtain, monitor, and reproduce all critical information such as detailed profiles, full interaction history, and an overview of critical relationships.

Activity Management with Mobile Sales:

Activity Management allows sales representatives and managers to allocate resources for daily tasks effectively so that sales professionals can close their sales deals as quickly as possible.

Order and Quotation Management with Mobile Sales:

Quotation and Order Management provides sales order processing functions that companies can use to configure products, determine pricing, create proposals, check product availability, acquire and enter orders, manage contracts, and track and manage orders.

Opportunity Management with Mobile Sales:

Opportunity Management gives sales employees a complete view of a sales opportunity by providing complete information about the history of an opportunity, milestones, progress, and key decision makers.

Campaign Management with Mobile Sales:

Campaign Management allows marketing professionals to design, execute, coordinate, and monitor all marketing initiatives. Organizations can create targeted, personalized campaigns using all communication channels. These channels include direct sales, call centers, mail, e-mail, Internet, and mobile devices. They can also monitor company-wide profitability at program, product, customer, and partner levels.

Territory Management with Mobile Sales:

Territory Management helps companies to maintain task-related, functional organizational structure as a current organizational plan.

Mobile Service with SAP CRM: Overview

Mobile Service with SAP CRM: Overview

Service Order Management with Mobile Service:

Service Order Management allows you to fully process transactions in a closed loop, from entering a service request or identifying requirements for a service, through planning employee resources and materials, to final billing and payment or allocating costs of a warranty or service contract in the back-end system. Service Order Management with Mobile Service also includes service confirmation functions and complete Installed Base Handling. The service confirmation enables users to report time spent and materials used during the service execution process and to enter technical confirmation data. Installed Base management provides a graphical representation of products and installations to use as a reference in service processing. The progress snapshot in Mobile Service provides a comprehensive view of the project status as a whole.

Service Contract Management:

The service contract provides an overview of objects and products that are handled under contract. The contract includes defined SLA information.

Resource Planning & Optimization:

Two-way data exchange (assignments, absences, attendances, tasks) between Resource Planning Tool in CRM Enterprise and Mobile Service provides easy planning capabilities.

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