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Lesson Overview

  • This lesson introduces the functionality of Interactive Reports.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce the functionality of Interactive Reports.

Business Example

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports

Since SAP CRM 2007 Interactive Reports can be used for various objects.

E.g. in the Sales environment Interactive Reports for the objects Activities, Leads and Opportunities can be used. Users can conduct a search for a report, view a list of saved report searches and view reports grouped by application area. It is also possible to create new reports. For users different chart types (like line chart, pie chart, bar chart) are offered.

Creation of Interactive Reports

Creation of Interactive Reports

It is possible to create your own Interactive Reports by using a wizard that guides you through the process. This procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Select Report Area:
    • Dependent on the Business Role you are selecting for the new Interactive Report different report areas are offered for selection (e.g. if you choose Business Role “Sales Professional” the report areas Activities, Leads and Opportunities are offered)
    • Furthermore the default display (like table or chart) is maintained in this step
  2. Select Fields:
    • Determination which fields and key figures should be displayed
  3. Define Filters:
    • Determination of input parameters and filters for the interactive report
    • Input parameters can be set to mandatory
  4. Define Table:
    • Tailoring the way the reports results are displayed in the table
  5. Define Chart:
    • Decision which type of chart is displayed as default for the new report (e.g. line chart, pie chart, bar chart)
  6. Share Report:
    • Assign report to specific employees or organizational units
    • When the report is published for the selected users, the report will appear in their “Reports” Home page

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