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This lesson explains the processes and functionality within SAP CRM E-Service.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the processes and functionality within SAP CRM E-Service.

Business Example

E-Service - Overview

E-Service - Overview

With E-Service companies can:

  • Reduce call center volumes and customer support => Employees focus on value-adding activities
  • Reduce transaction costs of service by supporting self-service access for customers
  • Improve customer convenience and satisfaction

Knowledge Management: Enables customers to research and resolve their own service problems without involving customer-service representatives. Customers can browse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) linked to specific products or search for answers using natural language

Request Management: Provides Internet customers with a tool to create and update service requests, and to check their status. Customers can use this to select the most convenient appointment time for a field service visit.

Live Customer Support: Allows organizations to provide immediate assistance to customers using the Web site. Customers can choose to chat, co-browse, E-mail or submit a call-back request.

Customer Self-Service: Provides customers with self-service for customer information and maintenance tools. Customers can register for user accounts and update their personal account information.

Installed Base Management: Enables online customers to manage their current portfolios of purchased products. Customers can also initiate service requests for selected products or installations through complete, personalized views of their purchases.

Complaints and Returns: Allows customers to create, maintain, and track their own complaints and returns.

Billing and Payment: Provides customers with online access to account status – including invoices, contracts, rebates, and billing status. Customers can also pay invoices online.

E-Service - User Interface

E-Service - User Interface

As in the E-selling section, SAP CRM enables you to build up a business-to-business (B2B) and/or business-to-consumer (B2C) scenario for your E-service.

The benefits of E-service for your company and for your customer are:

  • For your company:
    • Leverage an organizations existing infrastructure investments in SAP
    • Gain better insight into customer base (purchased products and installation details)
    • Lower cost of providing service
    • Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty
  • For your customers:
    • Easy access to information and service processes
    • Immediate, personalized service
    • Convenient, 24 x 7 access

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