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Lesson Overview

This lesson lists the various analysis scenarios.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • List the various analysis scenarios available in SAP CRM.

Business Example

Scenarios - Customer Analytics

Scenarios - Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of their customers. Companies can identify the actual value of their customers and receive information with which they can better understand their customers' behavior.

Customer Churn Analysis

  • Customer segmentation allows you to improve your relationship with your customers directly by providing the best services and products to the most profitable and loyal customer segment. However, you must be able to trust that the segmenting results provide a reliable and accurate customer profile.

To make sure of this, you can use customer churn analysis to check the results and examine changes in customer behavior over time.

  • Customer churn analysis lets you check the reliability of segmentation results and follow any changes in segment membership. This solution not only lets you analyze different results from one method applied at two different points in time, it also enables comparison between the results of two different methods of analysis. Customer churn analysis can be carried out using decision trees, clustering, or ABC classification. These analyses are supported by comprehensive business content (InfoProviders, Queries). As of BW3.3, Web Cockpits will also be available.

Scenarios - Product Analytics

Scenarios - Product Analytics

Today it is vitally important to deliver the right product. Product Analytics can be used to determine which products and attributes the customers prefer. It is also important to realize which products are most profitable. Businesses can use Product Analytics to find out which products are sold together and so increase wallet share.

Analysis Scenarios

Analysis Scenarios

The analysis scenarios above are dealt with individually in the units on the key capabilities of marketing, sales, service, e-commerce, channel management, Interaction Center and field applications.

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